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Wyn Enterprise: Key Features

Here are the most important Wyn Enterprise features to enhance your data analysis to gather critical business insights, identify market trends, and gain an edge over your competitors. Let us go through the features of Wyn Enterprise as a whole, and its plug-ins - WynReports and WynDashboards. 

Wyn Enterprise

Multi-tenant deployment

Rules can be set to restrict the data available to each tenant logged into the same portal. The UserContext attributes drive the end-user experience by determining what data, reports, dashboards, schedules, etc. are available to the end-user.

Single sign-on security provider

The extensible security provider allows the integration of the web app with virtually any authentication method. Hence, the users can sign in with their existing username and password within the application.

Role-based security

The user role determines the availability of resources to the end-user. Only authorized users can create and view different documents.

Multi-data source integration

Wyn Enterprise provides extensive support to pull in data from different formats like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, Excel, JSON, CSV, XML, MongoDB, ODBC, OData. End users can also use their data through the Data Query Designer. Data sources include database, cloud data, locally stored file data, and program data such as JSON/OData. It supports Stored Procedures too.

Data models

Data models are transformations of traditional data sets into a business user friendly model. It auto detects any JOINS between tables and eliminates the need for the knowledge of data schema or any custom queries. The user role determines the availability of the Model to the end-user.

Shared resources

Data and images can be uploaded for sharing so that the end-users can use it in their reports and dashboards. The user role determines the availability of the image to the end-user.

Customizable UI

Wyn Enterprise allows such UI customizations that it can look like a part of your existing web application. For example, you can customize the logos, titles, themes, URL and other UI elements.

Theme editor

Along with pre-defined themes, Wyn Enterprise provides theme editor to create custom themes which can be used in reports and dashboards. It provides the flexibility to match the corporate branding rules.

Schedule & distribute reports to specific people at specific times

Custom distribution schedules can be set for reports and dashboards to distribute them timely and automatically. Admins can also limit documents to only be distributed to approved domains to ensure that those are not being sent to external parties. Reports can be distributed as PDF, Excel, Word (docx), Image, HTML, CSV, JSON, either by email or local file storage.


Business user-friendly interface

WynDashboards provide a simplified user-friendly interface which is easier to work with for both technical and non-technical authors of all roles. It helps you to quickly make business decisions based on its capability of displaying the analysis in a visually appealing style.

Variety of data visualization components

The variety of data visualization tools is so huge that you can create a single dashboard multiple times with different data visualizers. Bar, column, line, area, pie, doughnut, rose, sunburst, radar, scatter, bubble, tree, and funnel charts, pivot tables, KPI matrices, maps, rich text, and slicers are just a few to start with!


It is possible to add as many filters in the dashboards which conveniently lets you view the specific queried data based on your preferences.


The SlideShow button allows you to play a slideshow of the dashboard which automatically scrolls through all the pages of the dashboard.

Themes and customization options

There is an available variety of pre-defined themes or you can create a customized theme according to your requirements. It also provides you with various customization options to match the corporate branding or to create an aesthetically pleasing dashboard.

Cross filtering

WynDashboards allow cross filtering in the dashboards to reflect the data of selected control(s) throughout the dashboard. This cross filters other controls and provides a simplified and deeper analysis of what you want to observe.

Auto refresh

It automatically refreshes the data cache stored in the database to provide the latest data. The refresh rate is set by the dashboard author.

Designer-integrated viewer

The dashboard viewer is integrated with the designer which allows you to easily and quickly switch between what you are creating and how it will look like. Hence, it saves lots of your time by letting you view the dashboard while designing it.


Advanced designer

The familiar and user-friendly UI looks similar to a word processing web application with extra data-driven features. The toolbox provides all the necessary components and controls to ensure high flexibility in the process of report creation. The designer-integrated viewer allows you to quickly and easily switch between the both to see how the report design looks with data while still creating it.

Report templates

The WynReports interface allows you to create and save as many report templates so that the report authors need not create the common reports from scratch every time. The existing report templates can be used to build these reports.

Basic and advanced properties modes

The basic and advanced properties provided by the Reports interface promise to cater the needs of a non-technical as well as a high-end technical user. Robust reports can be build using basic properties and custom report behavior can be driven using advanced properties mode.


Suiting to your requirements, WynReports offers you with a plenty of export formats to export your reports including PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, HTML, Image, and json.


WynReports are integrated with JSViewer which is a fast, modern, and powerful report viewer. It offers one-touch printing, multiple export formats, multiple display modes, drill-down and drill-through interactivity, CSS themes and customization, an intuitive Parameters UI, zooming, and more.

Expressions and conditional formatting

These features provide you with the power to calculate ad-hoc values, concatenate fields, format conditionally, and control report items programmatically.

Drill-down and drill-through

The default view of the Reports can be controlled and customized so as to show the important and interesting data in the first glance. This view can be further drilled down by clicking the expand button. You can also provide links to a section of the report, a different report, or even a web page.

Parameters and prompts

The report viewing experience has been made pleasing as you can add parameters, filters and prompts to the reports. It allows you to select data from a pre-defined list so that you can view the relevant bits at a time.