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Get Started with Administering Wyn Enterprise

What is Wyn Enterprise?

Wyn Enterprise is a browser-based report designer that enables users to create complex reports and dashboards without any knowledge of codes. It provides multi-source data integration, self-service business intelligence, data visualization, online document designing, and data reporting.

You can integrate almost all of Wyn Enterprise's capabilities into your own software products. The end users would not feel our presence. Your technicians will get silent installation. The IT teams can gather and secure enterprise data. You get the features such as software interface customization, single sign-on, dashboard and report designers, viewer integration, etc. The out-of-the-box functionality of Wyn Enterprise saves time that you would otherwise spend on system integration and configuration.

Explore the list of features in Key Features.

How does it work?

With Wyn Enterprise, you can connect to multiple data sources, organize the data in the data sources, and generate data sets. You can use the datasets to create dashboards and reports that transform data into a visually realistic interactive form. Therefore, you can use Wyn Enterprise not only as a personal visualization tool, but also as an analysis and decision engine for project teams, departments, and the entire enterprise.

Wyn Enterprise consists of three portals:

  • Admin Portal

    The Admin portal is available to administrators only, who

    »  configure the server,

    »  manage account and security settings, and 

    »  are responsible for the smooth functioning of the server.

  • Document Portal

    The primary audience for the Document portal is the end-users, who, according to the permission allotted to them by an administrator, are able to

    »  view the documents,

    »  analyze the documents through interactive features, and

    »  create dashboards and reports from the data accessible to them.

  • Resource Portal

    The primary audience for Resource portal is the data administrators or IT team, who have access to only the resource portal and not the document portal, as they do not consume or design the dashboards or reports. They

    »  setup and make the data available through the server, which includes data models, documents, templates, images, and themes,

    »  maintain the data accessible to the end users, and 

    »  perform the administrative tasks related to the documents like assigning permissions.

Product Value

You do not need a strong technical background to quickly get started with commercial data analysis and visualization. With Wyn Enterprise, you can achieve:

  • High-value, interactive, drillable dashboards;

  • The data set can be configured with automatic updates to achieve real-time dashboard display with high efficiency;

  • Multi-angle, multi-dimensional dynamic analysis to meet the global data analysis needs of enterprises;

  • Intelligent drilling, direct access to various details;

  • Automatically generate reports on a regular basis, such as capital daily reports, sales weekly reports, financial monthly reports, etc.

  • View reports or dashboards on the mobile side, monitor them in real-time, and drill down to details;

  • Share your dashboard or report with others.