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Wyn Enterprise: Data Governance and Modeling

Data and other resources required for designing ad hoc reports and dashboards are mainly managed by data administrators through Resource portal.

The Categories tab organizes all your resource items into three categories

  • Data - where you find data models, data sources and data sets,
  • Documents - where you find dashboards, reports, and web pages and
  • Other - where you find templates, images and themes.

In the Create tab, you can create all these resources. You can also quickly access the information of any resource item and assign different permissions. Using context menu, you can also perform other actions, such as editing, renaming, deleting or downloading any resource item. Apart from this, using resource portal, you can connect to many different data sources. Resource Portal also allows you to directly add any resource item either by browsing the file or by using simple drag and drop action. The portal analyses the file type and automatically adds it to the respective resource category.

Go through the following topics for more information: