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Create a Hierarchy Field

Hierarchy fields help separate the details on different levels, keeping the dimensions in an organized manner as well as revealing additional details as you drill-down the data.

Wyn Dashboards automatically creates the date hierarchies by arranging the date in hierarchical order (Year > Month > Week > Day) when a dataset is added to any scenario.

You can create custom hierarchies for dimensions to arrange the dimensions on different levels of details. For example, you can define a 'Product hierarchy' as Product line > Product type > Product, as shown below.

Create a Hierarchy Field

  1. In the Data Binding tab Data Binding Icon, navigate to the dimension for which you want to create the hierarchy.

Note that you can create hierarchy for the dimensions only, and not for measures.

  1. Go to the dimension's Settings Properties Icon and select Create Hierarchy Field...

    Selecting attribute in the data binding panel

  2. In the Create Hierarchy Field dialog, drag the dimensions from the left pane to the right pane in the order of the hierarchy. You can rearrange the dimensions in a hierarchy by dragging them upward or downward.

    Creating a Hierarchy field

    You can also change the hierarchy name as required. By default, the Hierarchy Name is Hierarchy_parentfieldname.

    Observe that a new hierarchy field is created alongside other dimensions.

    Hierarchy field

  3. Preview the Dashboard.

  4. The scenario using the hierarchy fields show Expand Group (+) and Collapse Group (-) options. Click the Expand Group (+) and Collapse Group (-) to drill-down or drill-up into or from the hierarchy as shown.

    Previewing the scenario using hierarchy field

The preview shows 'Product line' along the X-axis of the Column Chart scenario. As you drill-down the hierarchy by one level, you see additional details on the 'Product type', and on further drill-down, you see the details on the 'Product'.